May 2014
RCM Kit Drawings
        May 2014


The Moth Record Cleaning Machine

Moth Record Cleaning Machines were designed on the back of our experience as the importer of a well known range of product from the USA, and many years exposure to other machines from around the world.

First problem that we had laboured under for many years was cabinet construction – almost invariably chip-board, a sturdy material in the right place, but not when exposed to fluids, as is inevitable when used in the construction of RCMs. We spent many hours repairing cabinets from other manufacturers that had ‘burst’, the chipboard had expanded, joints split, vacuum pressure lost. We chose Steel! Chemically etched and treated with two coats of textured black satin paint!

Next came the vacuuming system. To track across the record, tracing the single groove is fair enough, but SO time consuming! 3-4 minutes a side at least. We opted for a vacuum tube with a 4” slot to provide suction across the whole playing surface, coupled to a strong 1KW vacuum motor for fast efficient fluid removal.

We chose to vacuum from underneath the disc for a number of reasons:

Gravity – Self explanatory!

Record Thickness – When vacuuming  from the top surface, the thickness of the record has to be taken into account to achieve efficient removal of the cleaning fluid. A high percentage of the vacuum pressure available is consumed in pulling the vacuum tube down onto the record in such machines. When vacuuming from the bottom, the datum point is fixed, the surface being cleaned is always in the same place, regardless of the thickness of the record!

Cross Contamination – Picture the scene when using a 12” platter: You Take a dirty record, put it on the platter, clean the top surface to your satisfaction, pick it up, turn it over and place the record down onto whatever debris has been left on the platter mat by the dirty side – major problems of cross contamination.

We opted for a label sized platter, revolving at 5RPM, which in conjunction with ‘Bottom Suction’ (for want of a better term), we feel gives an efficient and convenient system.

Moth Record Cleaning Machines are available to suit all International Electricity supply standards.

We have a full range of accessories and consumables from stock

A form of the Moth Record Cleaning machine is also available in DIY Kit form. All mechanical parts are supplied with the exception of the enclosure which can be constructed with basic tools from 5mm thick material of customers choice.

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